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Introducing the jewellers at our Pop Up Shop

Abbie creates contemporary jewellery which embodies, style, strength and self expression. We are showcasing an eclectic range from the bold to the quietly intriguing. Abbie loves the contrast of different techniques and materials: precious gold against oxidised silver, plexiglass with silver, or adding fine detail with gold seed clusters and rivets. With a combination of traditional techniques and a sense of playfulness she aims to make pieces that can stand alone, offering a self-confident individuality. The subtle thread of rebellion against the perfectly polished keeps Abbie curious and creating jewellery with a modern, contemporary edge.

Jane makes bold, playful wooden jewellery which she turns and hand paints in her studio near the North Norfolk Coast. Working with geometric forms, repetition and colour, her inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Her current range is influenced by classic educational toys, which focus on play to develop basic skills such as dexterity, shape and colour recognition. Jane uses traditional woodworking techniques and manages a small woodland which provides a sustainable supply of sycamore for her work. Jane is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has taught at various colleges & universities in the UK. She is a member of Design Nation and the Association of Contemporary Jewellery.

Madeleine has been working as a jeweller for more than ten years and that time has seen her work in a diverse range of styles and materials. Her current obsession is to use reclaimed sterling silver rather than new, and through a process of salvaging, melting down and then reshaping she creates unique pieces of handcrafted jewellery full of a sense of history and story telling detail.