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Here are some more details about these three makers


SALT GLASS is a glass and printmaking studio, gallery and course provider run by the glassmaker Max Lamb (RCA) and artist Dr Fiona Wilkes and located in North Norfolk and Norwich. SALT glass explores the relation between glass and print languages creating sculptures, contemporary design  and commissions using traditional processes from kiln cast, free blown and printmaking.



RUTH HOWES studied Fine Art, specialising in sculpture and over the years has shifted to painting and illustration in her work. Paper cutting has come more recently and has initiated a wide range of commissioned and private work. For Ruth the intrigue of a paper cut is in starting with a blank paper and carefully, intricately removing bits of it to make a picture. She starts with a minimum of material and rather than adding and adding pencil, pen, ink, paint, she carefully cuts into the sheet by hand, extracting an image from exploiting positive and negative space.


CAROLYN BROOKES DAVIES graduated from the Royal College of Art in1982. After a twenty-five year career in London as a fashion designer she moved to North Norfolk in 2003. Carolyn’s background in sculpture, her love of natural form and the close proximity of the beach led her to indulge a childhood interest in shell collecting. Shells with their accidental beauty, subtle colours, variety in shape and texture appealed to her. Their endless ornamental possibilities have inspired her recent shell work of elaborately decorative objects, which are as exquisitely beautiful, intricate and unique as the shells themselves.