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First thing brought us to the studio space shared between Katarzyna Coleman and John Kiki.  In the most beautifully melancholic way, Katarzyna captures  the sculptural presence of Yarmouth's industrial buildings and roads with great softness and subtlety. Her paintings, drawings and mono prints are all full of the emotions and behaviour of individuals who remain intriguingly missing from her works. 

Entering into the studio of artist John Kiki... By the time he finished his studies in 1967 at the Royal Academy of Art John Kiki had developed a unique style, a fusion between figurative painting, abstraction and Pop Art. Kiki's long career has included shows at the Royal Academy, Hayward and Serpentine Galleries in London.

Brüer Tidman produces canvases that are 'big' on visual impact bold, semi-abstracted and textured imagery, with a provocative use of colour. His paintings are emotional outpourings with a very distinctive style. His work remains in huge demand.

Our last, but certainly not least, appointment of the day was with sculptor Bridget Heriz. A native of Suffolk, Bridget has lived in Yarmouth for many years and loves to show visitors the sweep of the waterway from her top room with the huge ships providing a fantastic backdrop to her studio and home. Bridget works in bronze casting and balsa wood using the human form as her starting point.