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We are excited to be showing several textile sculptures by Shauna Richardson in our pop-up exhibition at Houghton Hall stables this summer.

Shauna has said this about her work:

... I had a rich history to draw upon that supports the theory that ‘anything can be art’, from urinals to bricks to lights turning on and off. I have never been a big fan of rules, I felt an affinity with these artists who played with ideas and pushed boundaries but at the time it seemed that if ‘anything can be art’ there were no rules left to be broken.

Gradually my search took me backwards. I started looking at objects, at collecting things, nice things, accessible things, at craft, the artist’s hand, at putting work back on the plinth. The work I make now, evolved over a long period of time. It has the same questions about art running through it, but the concept and the rebellion are hidden behind the handmade nature of the work, the barefaced skills and the nice accessible outcome.

I don’t have any answers. Maybe I’m asking questions about what art isn’t? I don’t know. Does it matter? Questions questions ...