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Earth Day

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Earth Day

World Environment Day lends a platform to the work of artists and makers who have been responding to the environmental themes at the heart of the exhibition A Fine Balance, that was put on hold in March. The task to protect, enhance and counter the natural and man-made forces of environmental degradation are present in each of the artists featured in this newsletter.

Norfolk-based photographers like Gareth Hacon, Debby Besford, Polly Cruse and Tim Simmons all bring a keen eye to an environment that is fragile, unique or under threat. Whether that be recording the magnificence of ancient woodland, in accessing hidden fissures within the earth or the delicate balance between opposing human activities and the marginal places we inhabit and take for granted.

Similarly, makers Tim Plunkett, Sue Kirk, Steve Gore Rowe, Toby Winteringham and Laura Huston create their handmade objects, ceramics and furniture for a domestic setting using natural, sustainable materials, bringing their inherent fragility and strength to our attention. All are now available in our online shop.