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Spring Salon - vignette #1

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Spring Salon - vignette #1

Works shown here:
Antigravity - paper cut work by Joni Smith; Shift - poured acrylic paint on board by Molly Thomson; August Land March - framed paper cut by Ruth Howes; Piggy Back bay Molly Thomson; and Low Skies - paper cut, mounted and presented inside perspex cabinet, for wall mounting by Ruth Howes; Chit Chat and New Muse - both aluminium form sculptures by Jonathan Clarke; and finally, wooden coffee table by Tim Plunkett.


Every year as part of what C&C do promoting contemporary art for domestic living spaces, we organise a Salon, an installation of contemporary works we have available for sale on the website (or works that are similar or equivalent) selected and installed in a home setting. The first was delayed due to the last minute COVID lockdown in January.

When we could finally assemble and install a Spring selection it was already April, before we could follow up with a photoshoot and walk-through film clip at this beautifully converted single storey annex between Holt and Fakenham in North Norfolk.

This unusually contemporary space was designed by Norwich-based Architect Charles Emberson and completed a couple of years ago as independent accommodation for expanding family needs, serving as a family space for grown up teenagers, as well as a state-of-the art garage/workshop for the owners' classic car collection. It won an award in 2019 from the Norfolk Association of Architects for Design and Craftsmanship.

We hope you enjoy the combination of art, sculpture and handmade objects that we have used within the space. We would like to thank the owners - Piers and Rebecca Richings for allowing us to turn their lovely light infused annex into a temporary repository for art, the moment government guidelines permitted.