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Mirror Bowl
Mirror Bowl
Mirror Bowl
Mirror Bowl
Mirror Bowl

Katharina Klug

Mirror Bowl



Wheel thrown porcelain – glazed/ surface pattern applied with pastels fired to 1270C Food safe & Dishwasher safe

H 8cm x Ø 30cm (at widest point)

Please allow 10-14 days for delivery following order.

More about Katharina Klug
Katharina Klug describes herself as a potter, artist, business woman and maker and is based in Cambridge. Originally, from Austria and brought up to work with clay - her mother being a well known potter in Austria. Her work as a ceramic artist focuses primarily on the exploration of shapes on the pottery wheel. This tool allows her to find endless variations on the vessel. She deliberately embrace imperfections in her surface pattern designs, drawing freehand onto the form using her trademark crayons. These hand-drawn lines make the work lively, rough, immediate and unique and preserve the moment of mark- making. Inspiration comes from little snippets of observation in her environment. Lines are jumping out at her in almost anything – stripes on cloth, wires and cables, plants and grasses, architecture and streets to name a few.