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PROFILE: John Kiki

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John Kiki trained at Camberwell School of Art and The Royal Academy of Arts, London. By the time he finished his studies in 1967, John had a unique approach to painting. During the last fifty years he has developed a rich figurative language that encompasses a fluid abstraction along side a changing caste of characters borrowed from Greek mythology, history genre paintings, and his own observations of how people interact in daily life. John Kiki's long career has included many significant solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at The Royal Academy, Hayward Gallery and Serpentine Gallery in London, as well as the OK Harris Gallery in Soho, New York. His paintings, drawings and prints have been included in several national collections.


– Museum of Zagreb Chantry Bequest
– National Gallery of Wales
– The Saatchi Collection
– Gallup
– Finland Siemens PLC
– Art Esprit Ltd.
– University Gallery, Liverpool
– Castle Museum, Norwich


National Gallery Bulgaria - John Kiki and Darren Barker, Sofia
2018 Mandell's Gallery, Norwich
2018 Gallery K, Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
2016 Galerie Wahrenberger, Zurich
2016 Gallery BOX, Zurich
2016 Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
2016 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Innsbruck
2016 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Montreux
2016 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Zurich
2015 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Innsbruck
2015 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Zurich
2015 Corys’ Pop-Up Gallery, Cardiff Bay
2015 Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
2014 Galerie Wahrenberger, Art Zurich
2014 Artspace Gallery, London
2013 Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust at 133, Skippings Gallery, Great Yarmouth
2012 Galerie Wahrenberger, Zurich
2012 The Cut, Halesworth
2011 Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich
2010 Wymondham Arts Centre, Wymondham, Norfolk
2009 Mandell’s Gallery Norwich
2009 Horace Blue Gallery, Norwich
2008 Galerie Wahrenberger, Zurich