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Our works on paper encompass drawing, etching, screen print, hand-printed wallpaper and some photography, all created by Norfolk's finest artists: photographers, print-makers, illustrators and designers. Techniques and media vary according to each individual artist.

Guy discovered his passion for print making during his time in Paris studying at the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in 2010, when he became particularly fascinated with the traditional etching process. Following his graduation from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2011, Guy moved back to Norfolk from where he still finds his inspiration.


Debby is an established professional photographer who lives with her young family in North Norfolk. Since graduating from London College of Communication with a Masters in Photography she has built a strong and diverse portfolio with specialisms in documentary and editorial work. She has published in The Guardian and Independent Newspapers, numerous photography magazines as well as touring exhibitions across the UK.


Garlinda started her professional career by doing her own film developing and printing. She now enjoys processing and printing digitally in her studio in Norfolk. She photographs without artificial light and as naturally as possible.


Britz and McGowan is a partnership of two artists: Margie Britz, who makes paintings and drawings, and Liz McGowan, a land artist working with natural materials.  They both take inspiration for their work from the detail and pattern of landscape and much of their work has evolved through walks along the coastline and through play and experimentation with materials.

All of the drawings have been made using natural materials – seaweed or starfish – as the drawing tools.  No brushes or pens have been employed.


Photographer Harry Cory Wright explores and celebrates the beauty and subtleties of the landscape.  Often it is the very physicality of a place to which Cory Wright is drawn; a feeling for the scale of things, their mass and volume. 

We are selling a series of framed drawings.


Alex Egan is an artist living in the Norfolk Broads. She mainly paints and draws trees. During the winter months, she will use her car as a roving studio looking for a potential candidate. When a willing subject is found she parks up and commences a few hours of intense study. With these drawings she then sometimes uses them as reference back in her studio to create larger paintings.

When the weather warms, she works en plein air doing larger scale paintings and drawings. She is a member of Group Eight, a Norfolk collective of artists and The Arborealists a U.K. and French collective of artists who depict mainly trees.


Judith Ellis covers all aspects of bookbinding. More recently her work has encompassed the book form as a sculptural object. The Birdflight series is her own development of the flag book and combines a love of drawing with her lifelong interest in the natural world.

Oystercatchers fly along a beach, and swifts zoom over rooftops. Gannets fly fast fast over the sea and redshanks call over the marshes. The Birdflight series of artistʼs books can each be made to commission, but as they are all individually handpainted no two will ever be quite the same.


Louisa Jones’ etchings are inspired by the natural world and her curiosity about what lies beneath the surface: energy, shapes, forms, colours and layers. She explores the mysterious places that are beyond our visual plain; the depths of the sea, the roots of the earth, outer space and the continuous cycle of energy which connects them all.

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts in 2006 she has created bespoke illustrations for Vogue, Tatler, The Spectator, Paul Smith and her work is now in the Collection of the V&A. She has also worked on a variety of other private commissions – children’s clothing designs, maps and wedding/ party invitations.


Jane moved to North Norfolk from London in 2000. After a career as a textile designer and a break to bring up her children jane went on to attend NUA in Norwich, graduating in 2014 with a degree in Illustration.It was here that she discovered and learnt about printmaking, specialising in screen print and lino cut. After a collaboration with the John Jarrold Printing Museum Jane became a member and is now being taught the traditional art of typesetting by the retired printers at the museum. Finding inspiration in vintage playbills and letterpress, this has fed into her work with the use of typography in many of her images.


Lucy first came to Norfolk to study at the Norwich School of Art. She then went on to do a postgraduate at The Royal College of Art in London. She later returned permanently to North Norfolk where she has worked as a full-time artist, illustrator and designer for over 20 years.

Lucy specialises in creating unique magical pictures with a naïve and childlike charm. She has worked on many one-off commissions for private clients and has also been commissioned by Chatsworth, Kew Gardens, Virgin and Sugar Beach Hotel in St Lucia to produce paintings for them. She has exhibited widely and for the last five years she has been invited to Japan to show her paintings at the British Fair.

Lucy has also worked as a freelance designer and illustrator working on a varied range of projects creating images for cards, prints, fabrics and products. Clients have included Café Rouge, Osborne and Little, Liberty, Boots, Susie Watson Designs, The Fairyland Trust, Art Angels, GMTV, Habitat and Amnesty International. Lucy has also illustrated a successful range of children’s books written by her mother Meg, which have sold worldwide.


Liz McGowan works with natural and found materials, creating responses to particular environments through installation, sculpture, drawing and conversation.  Her focus is the meeting point between inner and outer landscapes, where personal creativity is given inspiration and form by those elements – stone, reed, tree, earth, tideline – that combine to form a landscape.

Liz also works with those processes that shape and transform landscape – snow, wind, water and time.  Her personal concerns in this work are about containment and expansion, about the cycles of growth, change and decay, and about the shifting relationship between the human and the more than human world.


For the past seventeen years Justin Partyka has been photographing the rural landscape and culture in his native region of East Anglia. His photographs have been exhibited at Tate Britain, Gainsborough’s House, the Museum of English Rural Life (University of Reading), the Boutographies Photo Festival in Montpellier. He has also had a major solo show at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich in 2009, Flatford, Suffolk in 2014, Osborne Samuel gallery, London, 2013, the Black Barn, Cockley Cley, 2015 as well as being part of Nature: Norfolk by Design at Creake Abbey 2016. He recently showed during the Aldeburgh Festival 2016.


Maria originally studied painting studied at Norwich School of Art and  then continued to an  MA in printmaking  at Camberwell College of Art. She is an artist and printmaker whose works with the dream like world  of fairy tale and narrative, including its darker and uncanny elements. Starting from a very strong commitment to drawing, she develops  images using a mixture of traditional and non traditional methods, including etching which she uses to explore  new ways of mark making and expression. She is interested in the qualities of fragility and destruction both in nature and in the printmaking process itself.  Other explorations of destruction in her work take place in the unique smoke drawings, which are made with fire and smoke.


Working in a palette that reflects the muted colours and tones of her Danish heritage – natural and vintage cottons, linens and particularly beautiful worn patchwork – Janine draws with a sewing machine.

Trained at Goldsmith’s College with a further Postgraduate qualification at the University of Leeds Janine was a tutor for many years tutoring University students in Surface Design and Printed Textiles as well as Adult groups.


Jac Scott is a multi-award winning visual artist who investigates environmental issues.  She is interested in the cohabitation of art and science and how this relationship enriches our understanding of the world. The gaps and the differences in our experiences deliver fractured realities that profile the earth as an enigma.  To try and unravel this mystery Scott researches and collaborates with specialists from other disciplines, including scientists and geographers.  The tension between approaches, objective scientific verses subjective artistic, the latter further skewed by emotional and philosophical underwriting, creates dynamic outcomes that ignite curiosity and debate.


Tim Simmons has an underlying need to make sense of the world through his own experience. Using photography and film, he explores themes of time, motion and place, and the idea that landscape acts as a link between the past and the present. His work has a visual clarity and a quiet, reflective quality, which offers space for personal contemplation. Attempting to make the unseen visible, he encourages the viewer to consider on the constancy of the land, and our inherent relationship to it.


To be closer to his craft, and his love for tangible (graphic) design, Wolterink is increasingly focused on the joy and art of screen printing. He prints in limited editions, for non commissioned and commissioned works, offering this technique as both a service and a product. To people who have an eye for subtle details, love for print and craftsmanship, and also those who don't directly have the need for automated printing methods.