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Amen to Wind
Amen to Wind
Amen to Wind
Amen to Wind
Amen to Wind

Ruth Howes

Amen to Wind


Paper cut, mounted and presented inside perspex cabinet, for wall mounting


25cm x 23cm x 8cm (In case: 26cm x 27cm x 30cm)

Paper, perspex box

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery

More about Ruth
Ruth’s paper cut works are made with an absolute economy of materials and this is the same for her newer three dimensional work. A combination of paper made sculptures and multilayered framed works look to create new space in the paper cut work. Finding repetition and rhythm, balance and tension in natural and man made environments. Micron-small suggestions of people and an interaction with their environment place a human connection in these abstracted landscapes.

The cased works on show are a mid-point as Ruth explores resin casting her papercuts to encapsulate them entirely. There is something arresting in this upcoming work that is resin cast; the acrylic making still the scene, and the scale requiring close examination.

Ruth lives and works in Norwich. Venturing away from the city to the countryside and
coast with her dog makes for exploration and a new enjoyment of depicting a natural