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Liz Taunt



Illustration / collage


Framed 38cm x 38cm



More about Liz Taunt
Liz grew up in Cambridge and went to art school in Cambridge, Devon and London. She has exhibited regularly since the early 80s and has taken part in open studios in London and in Suffolk. She moved from Shepherds Bush, London to Bungay in August 2012 to a home with studio in Suffolk.

Her father was a mathematician who grappled with abstract concepts and her mother an artist both of whom influenced her work. She uses many different printmaking techniques including drypoint, lino, collagraph and monoprint.  She is not particularly interested in narrative or meaning in her art.  Instead she is trying to bring something new into the world which combines the chaotic, the arbitrary and the awkward: things which surprise her and prompt the question “where did that come from?”.

It seems to Liz that whilst we spend most of our time engaged with the realities of life - from the mundane to the wonderful - we also spend time in a parallel world of abstraction and imagination. She enjoys being "lost" (in a nice way) in this parallel world, and tries to invent ciphers and shorthand to describe her particular reality.