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Great Bircham II (2020)
Great Bircham II (2020)
Great Bircham II (2020)
Great Bircham II (2020)

Kate Giles

Great Bircham II (2020)


North Norfolk landscape just off Peddar's Way

Framed (see oak sample below) 31 x 26cm

Oil on Board

More about Kate Giles
Intensive drawing from life is the groundwork underpinning all of Kate Giles'  practice. Back in the studio, painting is to digest, remake, discover and unearth; she often works in series and in one place  over a sustained  period. The subject becomes not so much the object as what resonates in memory, presence and the feeling at the time. She is is keenly aware of the inheritance of the Anglo-Dutch landscape tradition and in particular Constable's deep engagement and familiarity which embodied life: an alertness to what is 'known by heart'.

She grew up in Norwich and,having read English at Oxford, studied at the Camberwell and Falmouth schools of Art [1986-90]. She has exhibited widely,particularly in London and across East Anglia,and has now returned to Norfolk to work and live.