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Ben Pusey




This is a large one off sculpture consisting of 3 pendulum and an oscillator.

This is a wall mounted sculpture requiring 190cm clearance to operate. Though it only weighs 5.2kg with a substantial mounting bracket so it does not require a particularly sturdy wall. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor instillation. However outdoor instillation will require more regular maintenance.

This is a one off piece and will not be replicated again.


Forged steel

More about Ben Pusey
Graduating from Hereford College of Art, Ben trained an artist blacksmith and explored the world of kinetic art. He loves exploring kinetic forged metal sculpture because of the endless varieties of shapes and forms it is possible to make and the rich potential of orchestrating movement. He uses these properties to inform the work’s interest in creating experiences of ‘calm’ and ‘relaxation’. The forged steel process adds to these conceptual qualities, detaching us from our ‘hyperculture’.