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Postcard from Ireland with Bowl and Pebbles

Joceline Wickham

Postcard from Ireland with Bowl and Pebbles


Still life (unframed)

30cm x 30cm

Oil on wood

More about Joceline Wickham
Joceline concentrates on small Still Life paintings. She is interested in painting the things she sees around her and organising and portraying them so that some sort of transformation might take place. Sometimes the objects Joceline chooses have a particular meaning or personal connection for her. Sometimes they have a particular quality which draws her to them.

Joceline studied at the Royal Academy Schools in the 1970s and has been painting on and off, mainly on, ever since. She has exhibited her paintings widely both in London galleries, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and many galleries in East Anglia.

She is a member and regular exhibitor with the Norwich 20 Group.