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Telfer Stokes




Wall mounted sculpture
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42 x 37 x 4cm


Repurposed metal objects

More about Telfer Stokes
Telfer Stokes was born in St Ives, Cornwall, shortly after the outbreak of World War 2. His mother, the painter and sculptor Margaret Mellis, and his father, the critic Adrian Stokes, were part of the wartime artistic community of St Ives. As such, Stokes’ early years were spent amongst Naum Gabo, Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron and occasionally Francis Davison, who was later to become his step-father. The influence of that group of artists remains, and has to some extent informed Stokes’s own artistic concerns both then and now.

Having attended the Slade School of Art, his subsequent move to New York in 1962 radically transformed his painting. Colour, surface, form and scale became predominant within a series of paintings he made during this time.

However, the eventual need to physically make work later manifested itself in the form of sculpture, and in particular welded steel. It could be said that within his works, one can build a direct line to the artists around him as a child.