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Underground Seating – Yellow
Underground Seating – Yellow
Underground Seating – Yellow
Underground Seating – Yellow

Amanda Edgcombe

Underground Seating – Yellow


Viscosity Etching

Viscosity printing is a multi-color printmaking technique that incorporates principles of relief printing and intaglio printing. It was pioneered by Stanley William Hayter. The process uses the principle of viscosity to print multiple colors of ink from a single plate, rather than relying upon multiple plates for color separation.

Framed 50cm x 50cm

Handmade somerset satin paper

More about Amanda Edgcombe
After studying Fine Art and Painting Amanda Edgcombe graduated in Printmaking from the Slade UCL. She was awarded a Fellowship in Architectural Glass at Central Saint Martins London and then worked with specialist glass studios in London and Germany exhibiting and installing commissions for private and public spaces over the past 30 years.

Amanda worked as a researcher for a large architectural practice in Clerkenwell and gradually developed a business for interior and landscape design projects in London and Suffolk. Her paintings were steadily influenced by these practical techniques and architectural perspectives, stripping back elements and encouraging a new approach. Colour and light shifted alongside one another so that shapes became broader, paints were outlined, raised, sanded, incised and layered with calligraphic and painterly marks.  

In 2018 Amanda and family moved house and after setting up her new studio began work again. Both architecturally and contextually the influences of the move were both positive and coincided with an invitation to design/style Firstlight Festival. This required a larger scale approach applying the same principles to the design detail within a cohesive structure.

As visiting print maker at Ipswich Art School Amanda has returned to print on several occasions, printing her large aerial etchings in a series of brighter colours that steered her first large canvas’s and then again recently - prior to lockdown - she was artist in residence at Printroom Suffolk. There Amanda developed a series of collagraphs that relate to her paintings and new environment.