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Vessel - Yellow/Pink I
Vessel - Yellow/Pink I
Vessel - Yellow/Pink I

Suzi Joel

Vessel - Yellow/Pink I



Ø 10cm x H 15cm

Cane and fishing line monofilament / elastic.

More about Suzi Joel
Suzi was raised by the sea on the South Coast of England. Her career spans working for 20 years in London curating and representing photographers. In conjunction Suzi has always been a ‘Maker’ with a passion for textiles and wood. She divided her time between the urban and the rural.

On moving to Norfolk in 2015 Suzi worked alongside the residents of the Camp Hill Community in Thornage as an educator, again exploring the creative possibilities of wood, cloth, weaving and stitched textiles. Suzi has exhibited in London and Norfolk and is in various private collections.

More about her work
Suzi Joel is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the process of attachment. Joel responds to the environment, working with discordant materials such as wood and fibre that she collects from the North Norfolk Coast where she lives and works. She is particularly interested in the small and the fragile, adding both form and colour, either with paint or fibre in order to consider present and past and how we arrived within the here and now in our current form.

Attachment is key to her practice – thus change. She aims to explore conversations between association and hidden narratives of each found object - the rich passage of arrival, tell and change. Joel is absorbed by nature’s rich gift of pattern and repetition, shape and colour within each found object. She is equally interested in the negative absent space within forms as what we see solidly before our eyes. Echoes of the past inform each work as Joel’s creative process transports each piece through its metamorphosis.